The Tarot

You can visit my Tarot website here.

I also have an Etsy Shop where I do Tarot Readings By Email.
Tarot Readings for your love life and for your work life and to answer specific questions.
3 card tarot Readings delivered by email in one day.
7 card tarot readings delivered in one working day.
Dreams Interpreted using The Tarot.
I can even read your Tarot cards everyday for a week,  maybe to help you through a challenging time?

Also all my readings come with a fabulous free gift.
A beautiful piece of art of The King Of Pentacles. They say if you hang a picture of The King Of Pentacles in your house it will bring you wealth.

I have been a professional Tarot reader for over 30 years. The Tarot has been my passion, not just for the comfort it can give to people but also the way a good reading can uplift your spirits and warm your soul.
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