Pat’s Painless Veganism

My painless veganism page.

I am a vegan chef and love to help people to transition to veganism painlessly by creating healthy vegan alternatives to favourites like burgers, sausages, cheese, cakes etc.

It is never too late to change your diet. I am 67 years young and since becoming vegan I feel better in my body, my health and my brain. Want motivation? Want more recipes? Join our Facebook Group

If you would love to ditch the diet or you are interested in changing your life through healthy eating then I am here for you.

It’s time to rejuvenate with modern eating and a whole lot of fun. I am a self taught artist and a crazy foodie. I am passionate about art, books, The Tarot and cooking. I eat a modern plant based diet.
Since changing my diet I have lost loads of weight and feel wonderful and feel years younger than my age of 67.
Eating plant based doesn’t mean missing out on the comfort foods, just making the comfort foods in a different way.

Check out my sausage recipe or my delicious quiche.

Here I am with my lovely daughter and grand daughter having a fab time in Ibiza at my daughter’s wedding.
My lovely family at my daughters wedding.

We all eat a plant based diet with no animal products….look how incredible my daughter looks at 45, (she’ll kill me for telling you). Now I want to help people to turn their lives around with food and a positive attitude. To You From Me, Pat

Go on, you know it makes sense!
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