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Hey I’m Back!

I’ve got my drawing mojo back.

I have been busy working on my children’s book. That’s finished and for sale on Amazon now, so I can get back into my digital art work.

Here is my latest one, it’s of the lovely Tom Jones, hope you like it?

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Spreadable Kick Arse Vegan Cheese

Please note, for this recipe you will need a good food processor. I have a Ninja but there are many good machines out there. You could even use a good liquidizer.

You will also need to prepare a container or bowl. You do this by greasing it and then sprinkling chilli flakes inside to coat the interior.



In your processor:

1 cup of raw cashew nuts that have been soaked in boiling water and left there for a couple of hours to soften.

1/3 cup water

3 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons of a vegan butter or coconut oil

1/4 cup of sesame oil

A small carrot

2 teaspoons of salt

1/4 teaspoon each of paprika, cayenne pepper and French mustard

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 vegetable stock cube

Process until very smooth.

Meanwhile in a saucepan bring 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of Agar Agar powder to the boil and boil for 1 minute only.

Add the Agar mix to your processor and process quickly as the Agar will start setting.

Add the mix to your prepared bowl and store in the refrigerator.

Enjoy with crudites or even better on some lovely crusty bread.

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20 Real Comfort Snack Foods That Are Actually Vegan


If you have been a Vegan all your life then I am sure you know of all these foods. But if, like me, you are a “New Age Vegan” then we are learning all the time.
So here is a list of some real comfort foods that are actually Vegan.

  1. Crumpets. Can you believe it? A lovely toasted crumpet covered in vegan butter and your favourite jam. Yum.
  2. Oreos. Yes, Oreos are vegan.
  3. Fig Rolls. I love these, try dunking them in your tea. Could even be one of your 5 a day? (I doubt it!).
  4. Fry’s Chocolate Cream. I remember having these. They stopped making them for a while but now they’re back, fab.
  5. Most cake mixes are Vegan but the instructions will ask for you to add the eggs and milk. Add soya milk to replace the milk and a teaspoon of baking powder and a 1/2 tablespoon of soya milk to replace each egg. If it requires butter then that is easily replaced with a vegan butter.
  6. Marmite.
  7. Peanut butter.
  8. Turkish Delight, check the labeling as some makes use gelatin.
  9. Jacobs Cream Crackers.
  10. Baked beans. The ultimate comfort food for me is baked beans on toast, delish!
  11. Skittles. These used to be coloured with cochineal but not any more.
  12. Most fresh bread will be vegan but it is best to check with the baker.
  13. Most pringles and tortilla chips are vegan.
  14. Doughnuts. Yes, I said doughnuts are vegan. (Except the custard ones). Always check the packaging.
  15. Ginger Nuts, one of my all time favourites for dunking. There’s a skill to dunking ginger nuts as they are quite a hard biscuit and you have to hold them in the hot tea a bit longer, but you’ll get it with practice.
  16. Treacle Tart. Mr Kipling makes a delicious treacle tart and it’s vegan. It’s so easy to make at home too. Just line a pie dish with vegan pastry , prick with a fork and part cook it in the oven for 15 mins, (180degrees), then fill with a mixture of golden syrup and fresh breadcrumbs and pop it back in the oven for another 15 mins.
  17. Twiglets.
  18. Walker’s crisps, check the packaging on the flavoured ones.
  19. The Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit is vegan and works well along with a nice home made veggie chilli.
  20. You know when you have a coffee in a small coffee shop and they pop those lovely Speculoos biscuits on the saucer. Well they are so delicious I always imagined that they would be full of butter so would never eat them, (much to John’s delight as he would eat mine as well as his own), well I have just found out that they are actually vegan…..so happy….sorry John.
    Remember labels are often poor and that means it’s difficult to make a judgement. I always say, if the label says vegetarian or vegan and you can’t see any dairy or egg listed in the ingredients, it’s probably vegan. But look out for gelatin, as that can be made from bones. If it says pectin then you are usually alright.

Gluten Free (or Not) Vegan Very Berry Muffins

These muffins are so delicious.

Very Berry Muffins
Very Berry Muffins

Not too sweet but very fruity.
Use frozen berries for a juicy fresh fruit filling.

Here are the ingredients and method:
Mix together,
200 grams Self Raising Flour, (if gluten free flour is used then add 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum).
100 grams caster sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla powder

This is the egg substitute:
In a small bowl, mix together and leave to separate:
200 ml soya milk
4 teaspoons cider vinegar

Once the soya milk has separated add 80 ml vegetable oil,
(choose a light flavoured oil like rapeseed) and mix together.


Gently add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix for just a minute. The mix should be just combined, not smooth.

Add a large handful of frozen berries and gently spoon them through.

Prepare a cupcake tin with 12 cupcake containers and fill and bake at 180 degrees until risen and browned.
Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar.

About Me

My Thoughts On Veggie-ism, No.6 Will Really Get You Thinking.

I’ve been having some profound thoughts about the way the World is going with regard to our eating habits.
Here are a few of them.

1. If a lovely rosy cheeked cuddly lady who had just had a baby and was producing loads of milk offered you some, what would you say?
You’d say no thank you, I’m sure, yuk, the very thought of it.
Yet people don’t balk at drinking milk from a cow!

2. Why would you never eat a cat or a dog yet you would eat a cute little lamb or piglet?

3. If a vegan chef has been vegan all his or her life and they make bacon or cheese that they claim tastes like the real thing. How do they know what the real thing tastes like?

4. If you had chickens and they lived a lovely life and after laying their eggs they left them and did not incubate them, would you eat the eggs?
Personally no, but if you don’t like the thought of the eggs rotting on the ground then ………..
Then again why would you keep chickens?

5. All this nonsense about sell by dates. When we finally get rid of plastic packaging we will have to make our own decisions as to how long we keep our cabbage or avocados and I believe that it will create a lot less waste. How often have you binned something because of the sell by date even though it still looks OK?

6. It makes me mad when chefs talk about respecting the animal.
They’d say, “I’m using every part of the animal, you must respect this beautiful animal”.
Yeh right, how would you like to be treated when you die? A cremation or burial with a lovely service afterwards and people paying their RESPECTS or to be respectfully cut up and eaten?

Thanks To GirlGoneGalic

7. I am so glad that the stigma to being Vegan or Vegetarian has gone. I remember many years ago a famous comedian, Jasper Carrot used to do a sketch about vegetarians. He would say,
“Why is it that vegetarians hug trees, drive Citron 2CVs and wear socks under their sandals?”. Hah Hah!

Let’s face it, these days it’s becoming quite cool to be Vegan or Vegetarian, many, many, many famous celebs are doing it.

Here is a list of just some of the famous people eating meat free:
Alicia Silverstone
Ellen Degeneres
Joaquin Phoenix
Woody Harrelson
Miley Cyrus
Jessica Chastain
Ariana Grande
Liam Hemsworth
Mayim Bialik
Joan Jett
Bellamy Young
Casey Affleck
Stevie Wonder
Peter Dinklage
James Cameron
Kate Mara
Rooney Mara
Al Gore
Brad Pitt
Sir Paul McCartney
Jennifer Lopez
Portia De Rossi
Ellen Page
Natalie Portman
Carrie Underwood
Leona Lewis
Joanna Lumley
Emeli Sandé
Jay McGuiness
Phil Neville
Ellie Goulding
Fiona Phillips
John Bishop
Jodie Marsh
Victoria Pendleton

And there’s more courtesy of Wikipedia:

David Haye, Boxer [1]
Jeff Beck, Musician [2]
Chad Ackerman Singer, songwriter United States [3]
Courtney Act Drag queen and singer Australia [4]
Bryan Adams Singer, songwriter Canada [5]
Carol J. Adams Writer United States [6]
Casey Affleck Actor United States [7]
Jhené Aiko Singer United States [8]
Akala Rapper, poet and political activist United Kingdom [9]
Al-Maʿarri Philosopher Syria [10]
Rubén Albarrán Musician Mexico [11]
Amos Bronson Alcott Activist and writer United States [12]
Allday Rapper Australia [13]
Pelle Almqvist Musician Sweden [14]
Suzy Amis Actress United States [15]
Ben Ammi Ben-Israel Founder of the Black Hebrew Israelites United States [16]
Simon Amstell Comedian United Kingdom [17]
Pamela Anderson Actress Canada [18]
Fiona Apple Singer, songwriter United States [19]
Architects Musicians United Kingdom [20]
Austin Aries Professional wrestler United States [21]
Darren Aronofsky Film director United States [22]
Allisyn Ashley Arm Actress United States [23]
Dan Askew Record label owner United States [24]
James Aspey Fitness trainer Australia [25]
Asunto Musicians Chile [26]
Atlas Genius Musicians Australia [27]
Cam F. Awesome Boxer United States [28]
Axel Singer Argentina [29]
Patrik Baboumian Sportsman Germany [30]
Erykah Badu Singer, songwriter United States [31]
Tom Bailey Musician United Kingdom [32]
Alec Baldwin Actor United States [33]
Jonathan Balcombe Ethologist United Kingdom [34]
Matt Ball Company director United States [35]
Kurt Ballou Musician United States [36]
Martin Balluch Physicist Austria [37]
Cassandra Bankson Model United States [38]
Travis Barker Musician United States [39]
Neal Barnard Physician United States [40]
Thomas Barnett Musician United States [41]
Tyler Bate Professional wrestler United Kingdom [42]
Gene Baur Activist United States [43]
Violett Beane Actress United States [44]
Jona Bechtolt Musician United States [45]
Ed Begley Jr. Actor United States [46]
Marc Bekoff Ethologist United States [47]
Brian Bell Musician United States [48]
Kristen Bell Actress United States [49][50]
Steve Bellamy Entrepreneur, filmmaker United States [51]
David Benatar Philosopher South Africa [52]
Greg Bennick Speaker, activist, producer United States [53]
Mirco Bergamasco Rugby player Italy [54]
Steven Best Philosopher United States [55]
Ryan Bethencourt Scientist, entrepreneur, biohacker United States [56]
Mayim Bialik Actress United States [57]
Bethany Black Comedian United Kingdom [58]
Linda Blair Actress United States [59]
Alana Blanchard Pro Surfer United States [60]
Bobby Blood Filmmaker, drummer United States [61]
Lisa Bloom Lawyer United States [62]
Bruno Blum Musician, writer, artist France [63][64]
Peter Bogdanovich Film director United States [65]
Cory Booker Politician United States [66]
Darren Boyd Actor United Kingdom [67]
Russell Brand Actor, comedian United Kingdom [68]
Brendan Brazier Athlete Canada [69]
Sean Brennan Musician United States [70]
Beau Bridges Actor United States [71]
Dan Briggs Musician United States [72][73]
John de Britto Missionary, martyr, saint Portugal [74][75]
Brigid Brophy Writer United Kingdom [76]
Patrick O. Brown Biochemist United States [77]
Mark Browning Singer-songwriter Canada [78]
Karl Buechner Singer United States [79]
Enrique Bunbury Musician Spain [80][81]
Hunter Burgan Musician United States [82]
Geezer Butler Musician United Kingdom [83]
Karyn Calabrese Chef United States [84]
James Cameron Film director Canada [85]
Molly Cameron Cyclist United States [86]
T. Colin Campbell Biochemist United States [87]
Capleton Musician Jamaica [88]
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram Writer, vegan activist United States [89]
David Carter American football player United States [90][91]
Daniel P. Carter Musician and radio DJ United Kingdom [92]
Jessica Chastain Actress United States [93]
Cesar Chavez Farm workers union leader United States [94]
Robert Cheeke Bodybuilder United States [95]
Chikezie Singer United States [96]
Chokeules Rapper Canada [97]
George M. Church Scientist United States [98]
Greg Cipes Actor United States [99]
Kneel Cohn Musician United States [100]
Phil Collen Musician United Kingdom [101]
Pat Condell Internet personality, former stand-up comedian Ireland [102]
Elena Congost Mohedano Athlete Spain [103]
Annette Conlon Musician United States [104][105]
Yeng Constantino Singer Philippines [106]
T Cooper Novelist United States [107]
Abbie Cornish Actor Australia [108]
Chloe Coscarelli Chef United States [109]
Laverne Cox Actress United States [110]
Roger Crab Ascetic Kingdom of England [111]
Amanda Crew Actress Canada [112]
Juli Crockett Playwright United States [113]
James Cromwell Actor United States [114]
Geneva Cruz Singer and actress Philippines [115]
Carlos Cuéllar Footballer Spain [116]
Benedict Cumberbatch Actor United Kingdom [117]
Alan Cumming Actor United Kingdom [118]
Luke Cummo MMA Fighter United States [33]
Miley Cyrus Singer, songwriter and actress United States [119]
Aaron Dalbec Musician United States [120]
Ted Danson Actor United States [121]
Mac Danzig MMA Fighter United States [122]
Angela Davis Civil rights activist United States [123][124]
Karen Davis Businesswoman United States [125]
Steph Davis Rock climber United States [126]
Rosanna Davison Model Republic of Ireland [127]
Jan Deckers Philosopher [128]
Deadlock Musicians Germany [129]
Thomas Dekker Actor United States [130]
Elise Desaulniers Journalist Canada [131]
Emily Deschanel Actress United States [132]
David Desrosiers Musician Canada [133]
Ted Deutch Politician United States [134]
Jenna Dewan-Tatum Actress United States [135]
Leonardo DiCaprio Actor United States [136]
Peter Dinklage Actor United States [137]
H. Jay Dinshah Activist United States [138]
DJ Qbert Turntablist United States [139]
Sue Donaldson Writer Canada [140]
Alan Donohoe Musician United Kingdom [141]
Josephine Donovan Professor of English Philippines [142]
Michael C. Dorf Lawyer United States [143]
Michael Dorn Actor United States [144]
Janez Drnovšek Politician Slovenia [145]
Meagan Duhamel Pair skater Canada [146]
Amy Dumas Professional wrestler United States [147]
Joan Dunayer Writer United States [148]
Earth Crisis Musicians United States [149]
Electroboy Model Switzerland [150]
Peter Ebdon Snooker player United Kingdom [151]
Kimberly Elise Actress United States [152]
Nathalie Emmanuel Actress United Kingdom [153]
Peter England Professional wrestler United Kingdom [154]
Bryan Erickson Musician United States [155]
Nathaniel Erskine-Smith Member of Parliament Canada [156]
Caldwell Esselstyn Physician United States [157]
Jade Esteban Estrada Humorist United States [158]
William Faith Musician United States [159]
Edie Falco Actress United States [160]
Fall of Efrafa Musicians United Kingdom [161]
Anthony Fantano Music reviewer United States [162]
Kendrick Farris Weightlifter United States [163]
John Feldmann Musician United States [164]
Pamelyn Ferdin Actress United States [165]
Craig Ferguson Television host United Kingdom [166]
Adam Fisher Musician United States [167]
Jared Followill Musician United States [168]
Michelle Forbes Actress United States [169]
Tom Ford Fashion designer, film director United States [170]
William Clay Ford, Jr. Politician United States [33]
Arian Foster NFL football player United States [171]
Gary Francione Lawyer United States [172]
Michael Franti Reggae artist United States [173]
Kathy Freston Author United States [174]
Glen E. Friedman Photographer United States [175]
Bruce Friedrich Film director United States [176]
Sia Furler Singer Australia [177]
Greta Gaard Professor of English United States [142]
Maneka Gandhi Politician India [178]
Anu Garg Author India [179]
Robert Garner Political theorist United Kingdom [180]
Juliet Gellatley Writer United Kingdom [181]
Christen Gerhart Magician, web host United States [182]
Robin Gibb Singer-songwriter United Kingdom [183]
Sara Gilbert Actress United States [184]
Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr. Musician United States
Jason Gillespie Cricketer and coach Australia [185]
Greg Ginn Musician United States [186]
Craig Taro Gold Writer United States [187]
Berry Gordy Record producer United States [188]
Al Gore Politician United States [189]
Ellie Goulding Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [190]
Volkert van der Graaf Unknown Netherlands [191]
Laura Jane Grace Musician United States [192]
Ariana Grande Singer United States [193]
Brian Greene Physicist United States [194]
Michael Greger Physician United States [195]
Lori Gruen Philosopher United States [142]
Andrew Günsberg Radio and television presenter Australia [196]
Larry Hagman Actor, director, producer United States [197]
John S. Hall Poet United States [198]
Jordan Halliday Activist United States [199]
Lasse Hallström Film director Sweden [200]
Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 driver United Kingdom [201]
Thich Nhat Hanh Zen Buddhist monk Vietnam [202]
Daryl Hannah Actress United States [203]
Yuval Noah Harari Historian Israel [204]
Marieke Hardy Writer Australia [205]
Stevan Harnad Cognitive scientist Hungary [206]
A. Breeze Harper Critical race theorist and activist United States [207]
Woody Harrelson Actor United States [208]
Ellie Harrison Artist United Kingdom [209]
Robert A de J Hart Horticulturist United Kingdom [210]
Davey Havok Musician United States [211]
Mark Hawthorne Writer United States [212]
David Haye Boxer United Kingdom [213]
Chris Hedges Journalist United States [214]
Liam Hemsworth Actor Australia [215]
Douglas Hofstadter Cognitive scientist United States [216]
Elizabeth Holmes CEO and founder, Theranos United States [217]
Mark Hoppus Musician United States [218]
Dean Howell Footballer United Kingdom [219]
Andy Hurley Drummer United States [220]
Chrissie Hynde Musician United States [221]
Ildjarn Musician Norway [222]
Don Imus Radio host United States [223]
Christofer Drew Ingle Musician United States [224]
Kyrie Irving NBA Player United States [225]
Joi Ito Entrepreneur Japan [33]
Harish Iyer Activist India [226]
George Jacobs Educator United States [227]
Elgin James Filmmaker, musician United States [228]
Pandie James Writer, Actress, Film Producer New Zealand [229] [230]
Cathy Jamieson Politician United Kingdom [231]
Famke Janssen Actress Netherlands [232]
Lauren Jauregui Singer United States [233]
Jme MC United Kingdom [234]
Inge Johansson Musician Sweden [235][236]
John 5 Musician United States [237]
Eric Johnson NFL football player United States [238]
Kuntal Joisher Mountaineer India [239]
pattrice jones Ecofeminist writer, educator and activist United States [207]
Maurice Jones-Drew American football player United States [240]
John Joseph Singer United States [241]
Melanie Joy Social psychologist United States [242]
Scott Jurek Runner United States [243]
Timur Kacharava Activist, musician Soviet Union [244]
Colin Kaepernick American football quarterback United States [245]
Tony Kanal Musician United States [246]
Myq Kaplan Actor United States [247]
Casey Kasem Disc jockey United States [248]
Tonya Kay Dancer, actress United States [249]
Matt Kean Musician United Kingdom [250]
Asa Keisar Animal rights activist Israel [251]
Shannon Keith Lawyer United States [252]
Wade Keller Sports writer United States [253]
Marti Kheel Academic United States [254]
Steve Kilbey Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [255]
Allison Kilkenny Journalist United States [256]
Jamie Kilstein Comedian United States [257]
Coretta Scott King Author United States [258]
Dexter Scott King Activist United States [259]
John Kinsella Poet Australia [260]
Daniel Kish Educator United States [261]
Michael Klaper Physician United States [262]
Forrest Kline Musician United States [263]
Nick Knowles Television presenter United Kingdom [264]
Kathy Kolla Film director United States [265]
Bryan Konietzko Animation director United States [266]
Pete Kowalsky Musician United States [267]
Sarah Kramer Writer Canada [268]
Kripparrian Streamer Canada [269]
Dennis Kucinich Politician United States [270]
Elizabeth Kucinich Company director United States [271]
Will Kymlicka Philosopher Canada [140][272]
Mon Laferte Singer-songwriter Chile [273][274]
Andy Lally Race car driver United States [275]
Gulu Lalvani Entrepreneur Pakistan [33]
Czesław Lang Road racing cyclist Poland [276][277]
Ladule Lako LoSarah Footballer United States [278]
k.d. lang Singer, songwriter Canada [279]
Gill Langley Scientist United Kingdom [280]
Adam Lanza None known United States [281]
Nicole Lapin News anchor United States [282]
Georges Laraque Ice hockey player Canada [33]
Mandy Lee Musician United States [283][unreliable source?]
Ronnie Lee Animal rights activist United Kingdom [284]
Carol Leifer Comedian United States [285]
Ted Leo Singer, songwriter United States [286]
Curtis Lepore Actor, musician United States [287]
Isa Leshko Photographer United States [288]
Jason P. Lester Athlete United States [289]
Carl Lewis Athlete United States [290][291]
Leona Lewis Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [292]
Chris Liebing DJ, music producer, radio host Germany [293]
Bob Linden Radio producer United States [294]
Andrew Linzey Theologian United Kingdom [295]
Eric Litman Entrepreneur United States [296]
Gregg Lowe Actor United Kingdom [297]
Howard Lyman Farmer United States [298]
Evanna Lynch Actress Ireland [299]
Dennis Lyxzén Musician Sweden [236][300]
Macka B Musician United Kingdom [301]
Ian MacKaye Singer, songwriter United States [302]
John Mackey Businessman United States [33]
Michael Madden Musician United States [303]
Jeff Mangum Musician United States [304]
Damien Mander Conservationist Australia [305]
Jesse Zook Mann Producer, director United States [306]
Keith Mann Animal rights activist United Kingdom [307]
Kate Mara Actress United States [308]
Rooney Mara Actress United States [309][310]
Jenna Marbles Comedian United States [311]
Brit Marling Actress, screenwriter United States [312]
Maroon Musicians Germany [313]
Johnny Marr Musician United Kingdom [314]
Liz Marshall Filmmaker Canada [315]
Martha Musicians United Kingdom [316]
Jeanne Mas Singer, actress France [317]
Fred Mascherino Musician United States [318]
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Writer United States [319]
Mathematics Producer, DJ United States [320]
Dan Mathews Businessman United States [321]
Matisyahu Singer-songwriter United States [322]
Andre Matos Musician Brazil [323]
Peter Max Artist United States [324]
Jo-Anne McArthur Photographer Canada [325]
Jenny McCarthy Model United States [326]
Kerry McCarthy Politician United Kingdom [327]
Lindsay McDougall Musician and radio presenter Australia [328]
JaVale McGee Basketball player United States [329]
Jane McGonigal Game designer United States [330]
Nellie McKay Actress United States [331]
James E. McWilliams Historian United States [332]
Taj McWilliams-Franklin Basketball player United States [333]
Lea Michele Actress United States [334][335]
Morgan Mitchell Runner Australia [336][337]
Luísa Mell Actress Brazil [338]
Merzbow Musician Japan [339]
Tomo Miličević Musician United States [340]
Ed Miller Author United States [341]
Heather Mills Businesswoman United Kingdom [342]
Moby Musician United States [343]
Daniella Monet Actress United States [344]
Ray Monk Philosopher United Kingdom [345]
Jack Monroe Writer and activist United Kingdom [346]
Shaun Monson Film director United States [347]
Demi Moore Actress United States [348][349]
Victoria Moran Writer United States [350]
Gaby Moreno Singer-songwriter Guatemala [351]
Jim Morris Bodybuilder United States [352]
Morrissey Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [353]
Toby Morse Musician United States [354]
Isa Chandra Moskowitz Chef United States [286]
Carrie-Anne Moss Actress Canada [355]
Markos Moulitsas Political blogger United States [356]
Tia Mowry Actress Germany [357]
Jason Mraz Singer-songwriter United States [358]
Will Munro Artist Australia [359]
Leilani Münter Race car driver United States [360]
Mutabaruka Poet Jamaica [361]
Mýa Singer, actress United States [362]
Bif Naked Punk rock singer Canada [363]
Daniel Negreanu Professional poker player Canada [33]
Petra Němcová Supermodel Czech Republic [364]
Ingrid Newkirk Animal Rights Activist United Kingdom [365]
Pat Neshek Baseball player United States [366]
Nessa Radio and TV personality United States [245]
David Nibert Sociologist United States [367]
Heather Nicholson Animal rights activist United Kingdom [368]
Jayde Nicole Model Canada [369]
Nominjin Singer Mongolia [370]
nothing,nowhere. Musician United States [371]
N.O.R.E. Rapper United States [372]
Jack Norris President of Vegan Outreach United States [373]
Oktawia Nowacka Modern pentathlete Poland [374][375][376]
Terri Nunn Singer, actress United States [377]
Sinéad O’Connor Singer Ireland [378]
Fiona Oakes Marathon runner, animal rights advocate United Kingdom [379]
Sandra Oh Actress Canada [380]
Peggy Oki Skateboarder, animal rights activist United States [381]
Ellen Oléria Singer, songwriter, actress Brazil [382]
Bree Olson Actress United States [383][384]
Renee Olstead Singer, actress United States [385]
Andrew O’Neill Comedian United Kingdom [386]
lauren Ornelas Animal rights advocate, founder of Food Empowerment Project United States [387]
Lisette Oropesa Operatic Soprano United States [388]
Ovidie Director, journalist and writer France [389]
Wayne Pacelle President and CEO, Humane Society of the United States United States [390]
Alex Pacheco Co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals United States [391]
Ellen Page Actress Canada [392]
Carl Palmer Drummer, percussionist United Kingdom [393]
Teresa Palmer Actress and model Australia [394]
Alan Park Comedian Canada [395]
Sara Pascoe Comedian United Kingdom [396]
Robert Paterson Composer United States [397]
Marcus Patrick Actor United Kingdom [398]
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau Author United States [399]
Alexandra Paul Actress United States [400]
Logan Paul Internet personality, actor United States [401]
David Pearce Philosopher United Kingdom [402]
Robin Pecknold Singer United States [403]
Paul Peress Drummer, composer United States [404]
Sebastián Pérez Cardona Footballer Colombia [405]
Linda Perry Musician United States [184]
Doro Pesch Singer, songwriter Germany [406]
JJ Peters Musician United States [407]
Mille Petrozza Musician Germany [408][409]
Madelaine Petsch Actress United States [410]
Michelle Pfeiffer Actress United States [411]
Jill Phipps Animal rights activist United Kingdom [412]
Joaquin Phoenix Actor United States [413]
Rain Phoenix Actress United States [414]
River Phoenix Actor United States [415]
Summer Phoenix Actress United States [416]
Jessica Pierce Bioethicist and writer United States [417]
Piggy D. Musician United States [418][419]
Dav Pilkey Author United States [420]
Dan Piraro Cartoonist United States [421][422]
Point of No Return Musicians Brazil [423]
Jonathan Pollak Activist, anarchist Israel [424]
Ellen Pompeo Actress, director, producer United States [425]
Poppy Singer, songwriter United States [426]
Natalie Portman Actress Israel [427]
Franka Potente Actress Germany [428]
Laura Prepon Actress United States [177]
Chad Price Singer United States [429]
Prince Singer, songwriter United States [430]
Princess Superstar Musician United States [431]
Joe Principe Musician United States [432]
Promoe Rapper Sweden [433]
Propagandhi Musicians Canada [434]
Pablo Puyol Actor, dancer and singer Spain [435]
Maggie Q Actress, model United States [436]
Linnea Quigley Actress United States [437]
Robin Quivers Talk-show host United States [438]
R.A.M.B.O. Musicians United States [439]
Gideon Raff Film and television director Israel [440]
Raid Musicians United States [441]
Kangana Ranaut Actress India [442]
Randy Randall Musician United States [443]
Romesh Ranganathan Actor United Kingdom [444]
Russ Rankin Musician United States [445]
Kiran Rao Film producer, screenwriter and director India [446]
Raury Musician United States [447]
Tom Regan Philosopher United States [448]
Marco Antonio Regil Actor, television personality, game show host Mexico [449]
Hubertus Regout Actor Belgium [450]
Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk France [451]
Santino Rice Fashion designer United States [452]
Dawn Richard Singer-songwriter, actress, animator United States [453]
Dakota Blue Richards Actress United Kingdom [454]
Monica Richards Musician United States [159]
Daisy Ridley Actress United Kingdom [455]
Kane Richardson Cricketer Australia [456]
Calu Rivero Actress, model, designer Argentina [457]
John Robb Musician United Kingdom [458]
Eric Roberts Actor United States [459]
Neil Robertson Snooker player Australia [460]
Neil Robinson Footballer United Kingdom [461]
Rikki Rockett Drummer United States [462]
Rodrigo y Gabriela Musicians Mexico [463]
Yishai Romanoff Musician United States [464]
Ruby Rose Model, actress Australia [110]
Kirsten Rosenberg Singer United States [465]
Alex Ross Perry Film director, actor United States [466]
Portia de Rossi Actress Australia [467]
Nathan Runkle Executive director of Mercy for Animals United States [468]
Adam Russell Musician United States [469]
Zack Sabre Jr. Professional wrestler United Kingdom [470]
Anuradha Sawhney Animal rights activist, former head of PETA India India [471]
John Salley Talk show host United States [472]
Daniel Andreas San Diego Domestic terrorist, animal liberationist United States [473]
Alejandro Sanz Musician Spain [474]
Peter Sarsgaard Actor United States [475][476]
Rebecca Schiffman Singer-songwriter United States [477]
John Schneider Actor United States [478]
Jason Schwartzman Actor, musician United States [479]
Mike Scott Musician England [480]
Carl Scully Former politician Australia [481]
Matthew Scully Journalist United States [482]
Daniela Sea Actress United States [483]
Angelica Segerbäck Singer Sweden [484]
Alfredo Sfeir Economist, spiritual leader Chile [485][486]
S-Endz Musician United Kingdom [487]
Roxy Shahidi Actress United Kingdom [488]
Paul Shapiro Businessman United States [489]
Ryan Shapiro FOIA researcher, animal rights activist United States [490]
Cecil Sharp Musician United Kingdom [491]
Cindy Sheehan American anti-war activist United States [492]
Tim Shieff Freerunner United Kingdom [493]
Jake Shields MMA fighter United States [494]
Peter Siddle Cricketer Australia [460]
Sie7e Singer-songwriter Puerto Rico [495]
Alicia Silverstone Actress United States [496]
Russell Simmons Entrepreneur United States [33]
Sam Simon Director United States [497]
Sadie Sink Actress United States [498]
Atanas Skatov Mountaineer Bulgaria [499]
Grace Slick Musician United States [500]
Heather Small Singer United Kingdom [501]
Soko Musician-actress France [502]
Alex Somers Visual artist, musician United States [503]
Dean Allen Spunt Musician United States [443]
Kim Stallwood Animal rights activist United Kingdom [504]
Skylar Stecker Singer-songwriter, actress United States [505]
Joanne Stepaniak Writer United States [506]
Steve-O Stunt performer United States [507]
stic.man Rapper United States [508]
Biz Stone Entrepreneur United States [509]
Gene Stone Author United States [510]
Lynda Stoner Actress Australia [511]
Salim Stoudamire Basketball player United States [122]
David Straitjacket Escape artist United Kingdom [512]
Belinda Stronach Businesswoman Canada [513]
George Stroumboulopoulos Television and radio personality Canada [514]
William John Sullivan Writer United States [515]
Peter Sunde Businessman Sweden [516]
Kurt Sutter Filmmaker United States [517]
Mena Suvari Actress United States [518]
Ember Swift Singer-songwriter Canada [519]
Oliver Sykes Musician United Kingdom [520]
David Sztybel Ethicist Canada [521]
Ayesha Takia Actress India [522]
Tommy Tallarico Composer United States [523]
Astra Taylor Filmmaker, writer, musician United States [304]
Christine Taylor Actress United States [524]
Sunaura Taylor Painter, writer and activist United States [525]
Aimee Teegarden Actress United States [526]
Ed Templeton Skateboarder United States [527]
Bryant Terry Chef United States [528]
Marianne Thieme Politician The Netherlands [529]
David Thrussell Musician Australia [530]
Shane Told Musician Canada [531]
Bob Torres Sociologist United States [532]
Lauren Toyota Television personality Canada [533]
Andrew Tyler Journalist United Kingdom [534]
UltraMantis Black Professional wrestler United States [535]
Carrie Underwood Singer, songwriter United States [536]
Jean Ure Writer United Kingdom [537]
Mike Vallely Skateboarder, musician, actor United States [538]
Christine Vardaros Professional cyclist United States [539]
Vegan Reich Musicians United States [540]
Jaci Velasquez Singer United States [541]
Jane Velez-Mitchell Author United States [542]
Meredith Vieira Journalist United States [543]
Natalia Villaveces TV host, writer, producer Colombia [544]
Dale Vince Businessman United Kingdom [534]
Kyle Vincent Singer-songwriter United States [545]
Doreen Virtue Author, “folk psychology motivational speaker”. United States [546][547]
Michelle Visage Television host United States [548]
Yolandi Visser Singer South Africa [549]
Kat Von D Tattoo artist United States [550][551]
Waka Flocka Flame Rapper United States [552]
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Musician United States [553][554]
Alexey Voyevoda Bobsledder Soviet Union [555]
Paul Waggoner Musician United States [556]
Patty Walters Musician, YouTuber United States [557]
Bill Ward Drummer United Kingdom [558]
Donald Watson Teacher United Kingdom [559]
Paul Watson Conservationist Canada [560]
Benjamin Webb Professional wrestler United Kingdom [561]
Wendy Turner Webster Journalist United Kingdom [562]
Jona Weinhofen Musician Australia [563]
Griff Whalen NFL football player United States [564]
Barry White Singer-songwriter United States [565]
Mike White Scriptwriter United States [566]
Persia White Actress United States [567]
Alissa White-Gluz Singer Canada [568]
Olivia Wilde Actress United States [569]
James Wilks MMA Fighter United States [570]
Ricky Williams NFL football player United States [571]
Saul Williams Musician United States [572]
Vanessa A. Williams Actress United States [573]
Spice Williams-Crosby Actress United States [574]
Chris Williamson Politician United Kingdom [575][576]
Nathan Winograd Author United States [577]
DeWanda Wise Actress United States [578]
David Wolfe Author, entrepreneur, raw foodist United States [579]
Philip Wollen Businessman Australia [580][581]
Stevie Wonder Singer/musician United States [582]
Gretchen Wyler Actress United States [583]
Steve Wynn Entrepreneur United States [33]
Jon Wynne-Tyson Publisher United Kingdom [584]
Shmuly Yanklowitz Activist, writer United States [585]
Roger Yates Sociologist United Kingdom [586]
Adam Yauch Musician United States [587]
Dan Yemin Musician United States [588]
James Yorkston Musician United Kingdom [589]
Bellamy Young Actress and producer United States [590][591]
Peter Daniel Young Animal rights activist United States [592]
Gary Yourofsky Animal rights activist United States [593]
Adam Zampa Cricketer Australia [594]
Benjamin Zephaniah Poet United Kingdom [595]
Mike Zigomanis Ice hockey player Canada [596]
Nick Zinner Musician, photographer United States [597]
Rob Zombie Musician United States [598]
Sheri Moon Zombie Actress United States [599]
Mortimer Zuckerman Entrepreneur Canada [33]




Vegan Nutty Berry Bar

This bar has got to be one of my all time favourites. Since going Vegan I have struggled with my sweet tooth. Being British I drink a lot of tea and it is customary to have a biscuit or a small cakey snack with a nice cuppa.

Very Nutty Berry Bar
Very Nutty Berry Bar

This Vegan Nutty Berry Bar certainly fits the bill, you would never guess that it’s healthy, or lets say healthyish!
There are three parts to the recipe but it is very easy and definitely worth it.

1. Make a nice shortcrust pastry for the base.
2. Make sure you have a couple of cups of frozen berries for the middle.
3. For the top you will need a food processor to grind the nuts.

1. The Pastry
We want the pastry to be almost cake like so use self raising flour if possible. If you can’t get self raising then plain with a teaspoon of baking powder.
Make a mix of 100ml soya milk and 1/2 teaspoon vinegar and put it to one side to allow it to curdle, this is the equivalent to adding buttermilk or sour cream, it makes the pastry lighter.
For pastry I have a rule – always 1/2 fat to flour. So if you have 200gram fat then it is 400gram flour. Obviously the fat will be vegan.
OK here are the ingredients for the pastry:
400gram SR flour
200gram vegan fat
100ml soya milk
1/2 teaspoon vinegar
200grams coconut sugar
The method:
Rub the fat into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.
Add the sugar.
Add the milk and vinegar mixture slowly until the mix is wet enough, but not too wet, to come together.
Line a tray with some baking parchment then roll the pastry to fit the tray and place on top of the parchment and cook in oven at 180 for 12 minutes then allow to cool.

The fruity bit:
Slightly defrost 3 cups of frozen berries. Measure the berries before you defrost them. I use fruits of the forest containing raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants but it is up to you.
Spread the fruit over the pastry layer.

The top layer:
1 cup of walnuts
1 cup of almonds
1 cup of pecan nuts
1 cup rolled outs
1 cup of a mix of dates and dried apricots.
1 cup coconut sugar
200gram hard vegan baking fat. It must be a hard fat otherwise the bars will not set hard enough when they are cooled.
(Stork have brought out a great hard 100% coconut oil block which is perfect for this)

Chop the nuts, dried fruit and rolled oats in the food processor until quite fine but not too fine, you still need to see little tiny pieces, it shouldn’t be a paste.
Empty into a mixing bowl and add the sugar and rub in the fat like you did with the pastry, (you may have to grate the fat if it is very hard). This time you don’t need any liquid.
Spread the mixture over your fruit and pat down.
Place the tray into the oven at 180 for about 30 – 40 mins or when the top has got some colour.
Once cooked and cool you need to put the tray into the fridge for a couple of hours before you take the tray bake out to cut into squares.
You can actually put the tray into the fridge while it is piping hot. There is a fallacy that it’s not good to put hot things in the fridge but in fact it is better that food cools down quicker. The problem is that the hot food will bring the temperature of the fridge up and other food could go off.
When I was a chef, I used to keep an empty fridge on very cold especially for cooling stuff down quickly.


About Me, Helpful Info

Moringa Powder and Amla Powder and Arbonne’s Fibre Support My Magic Supplements

I am so excited, I have decided to start adding three magical powders to our diet on a daily basis.
As we follow a vegan diet, it always worries me that we are not getting the right supplements. After an enormous amount of research I have decided to include Arbonne’s Digestion Plus, Ausha’s Moringa Powder and Yogi Organic’s Amla Powder to our daily shake.
I already use Arbonne’s Digestion Plus daily as it was a large part of my diet when I followed Arbonne’s “30 Days To Healthy Living” program. It was that program, together with going plant based, that started John and my fantastic weight loss and John’s diabetes reversal. After completing the 30 days we have changed our diet for life and intend to live healthier, happier and longer lives.
Read about John’s journey.

I’m not one for soppy posts but I had to say that I am so happy at the moment. John is continually losing weight on his plant based, (most of the time and when I’m not looking), eating regime. So we are both pleased with that but he has just been told by his doctor that he is no longer diabetic….no longer diabetic! Can you believe that? Losing weight and reversed his diabetes, yeh, fan bloody tastic! Thank you Annamaria for encouraging us to do this and thank you John for coping with life without meat, I’m so proud of you. Onwards and upwards.

Back to my research on my magic powders.
So what is Moringa Powder?
Ausha’s Moringa Powder comes from the leaves of the Moringa tree. They are 100% Organic. Moringa Powder is certified by the Soil Association & Vegan Society. It is 100% Pure & Natural, 100% Organic, Non-GMO, No Gluten.
So what are the benefits?:
Moringa Powder is a super food, it is a fantastic source of minerals. There’s Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium.
Also regular use of Moringa powder may help in balancing the blood sugar levels in the body. Which is perfect for John.
Moringa Leaf Powder is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which helps in boosting the overall immune system of the body. It helps in improving immunity and reducing fatigue.
You can use Moringa powder in juices, smoothies, yogurts or just dissolve in a little hot water. I am going to add a 1/2 a tablespoonful a day each in our protein shakes. So if you normally make enough for two people then add a whole tablespoonful.

Ausha Moringa Powder is even packed in a 100% recyclable resealable pouch at source to retain the freshness of the product.
I bought mine from Amazon, here is a link to the product. Ausha Organic Moringa Powder

So what is Amla Powder?:
Amla is known as the Indian Gooseberry.
What are it’s benefits?:
Amla contains a massive amount of Vitamin C, it has the most Vitamin C in the whole of the plant World, 20 times that of an orange can you believe.

Being a very rich source of Vitamin C, iron and calcium, Amla is a health treasure.
“Amla is a very special fruit full of antioxidants that are effective in reducing the cell damage which reduces the free radicals that can cause disease in the body”, says Dr. Komal Bhadouria, Nutritionist, SCI International Hospital, New Delhi.

Amla powder is great for boosting your immunity but it also has other wonderful benefits for your hair, skin and overall health.
Hear what these doctors and nutritionists have to say.

According to Dr. Shalini Minglani, a Bangalore-based nutritionist, Amla powder is the purest form of Vitamin C and it enriches you from within by making the blood vessels stronger and thicker. It also improves your immunity so that you can fight infections easily.
Amla reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating the build-up of bad cholesterol, suggests Dr. Komal Bhadouria.
Amla is rich in antioxidants these help in fighting free radicals in the body. This reduces cell damage and also the risk of cancer and inflammation.

Like the English gooseberry, Amla powder has a high fibre content which works wonderfully for the digestive system. It’s an effective cure for constipation. The dried powder of the Amla fruit is said to be a great home remedy for hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.

It is also said that Amla is a great food for anti-aging. Consuming Amla in any form on a daily basis is the secret behind a slow aging process and beautiful skin.

Amla powder is good for diabetics. Amla contains chromium which makes the body more responsive to insulin and regulates the blood glucose levels. Again good for John.
I am going to add 1/2 teaspoon each to our daily shakes.
My Organic Amla Powder is from “Yogi Organics” I bought mine from Amazon, here is a link to the product. Organic Amla Berry Powder

A lot of the information here about Amla was from a fabulous website called www.NDTV.com

Arbonne’s Fibre Support
What is it?:
It is a flavourless powder that can be mixed with any food, I will be adding 1/2 scoop each, (scoop comes in the pack), to our shakes.
It contains pea powder, apple pectin, inulin, orange fibre, sugar beet fibre and citrus pectin.
What are the benefits of Fibre Support?
It is an easy to take, boost to your dietary fibre intake.
If you would like to try Arbonne’s Fibre Support or indeed read about the “30 Days To Healthy Living” program and all the other products that are there to support you then click her to the link on my daughter’s website. Or you can contact her through me. Email me with your contact details and she will be in touch very quickly.
Below is a video where she introduces herself. She is talking about the business opportunity available with Arbonne and how it has changed her life. If it’s just the products you are interested in then she can get you a massive discount too.


About Me

About Me

Hello, I am Pat Sutton. I am a self taught artist, a web marketing specialist, a motivational speaker and a chef. I am passionate about art, books, The Tarot, cooking and everything food. I eat a predominately plant based diet. Since changing my diet I have lost loads of weight and feel wonderful and feel years younger then my age of 67.

I love art and recently have been turned on to digital art because of the convenience of having my tools with me anywhere I go. I produce my art using an iPad Pro, (you can see one here on Amazon:  Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ 64GB Wi-Fi – Space Grey, this is the 10.5 inch one they also do a larger one, (the one I use), which is quite a bit larger, here it is on Amazon, Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ 128GB 4G – Silver – Unlocked). I also use an Apple Pencil and a fantastic program that you can download onto the iPad called Procreate.

I am a trained nutritionist and am passionate about plant based eating. It has changed my life, I feel younger, fitter and look much better than I have looked for many years. Now I want to help other people to improve their life too.

Remember, a good diet is when you don’t notice you are on one!

I have been “Forbes” listed as one of the 30 business women to follow on Twitter.