Pet Portrait Commissions.

So Cute

Hello, thank you for your interest in my art. As you can see from my art work above, I like to create pictures that are stunning and unusual allowing me to bring out your pet’s personality.

The more detail in the picture and the more personality the better. I am a digital artist so once I have created your piece of art and you are happy with it, I will send it to you by email and it will be yours to do with what ever you want.

I charge 75euros for a commission. This also includes help with printing, framing and mounting if required. You tell me how you want your art work displayed and I will liaise with the printing company to get you the best price.

The company I use in France is Why not pop over to their website to see the many options available to display your art work.

If you are not based in France then I would use a company in your country to keep the price as low as possible for you.

Please note, I do not make any money by recommending any websites or helping you with your framing and/or mounting. I am honoured that you have allowed me to do your treasured picture, it’s important for me to see your picture looking great.

If you have decided you would like to commission a portrait of your lovely furry friend then here is the payment link.



The next thing you need to do is to send me a high quality photo of your pet with any special requests.


Please see below if you think you will need help with framing or mounting etc.

Your chance to get something unique dedicated to your furry friend.

Here are examples of some options:

I can send you by post a high resolution print for you to frame yourself. The maximum size is A3. (This would incur postage and a packing fee).

Or I can arrange for your art work to be printed on acrylic or canvas. is the company I use in France.

Here is an idea of the current prices for acrylic and canvas, please note that there is likely to be postage and packing on top.


20 x 15cm 6,50 €

20 x 20cm 11,00 €

30 x 20cm 15,00 €

40 x 30cm 19,00 €

40 x 40cm 22,00 €

60 x 40cm 29,00 €


20 x 20cm 4,40 €

30 x 20cm 8,00 €

40 x 30cm 13,00 €

60 x 40cm 16,00 €

80 x 60cm 29,00 €

90 x 60cm 33,00 €

The companies usually take about 2 weeks to complete the order and there is a postage and packing fee to be added to the print cost.

If I can help you with anything else, please let me know.


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